Every vote matters, and in 2020 it’s especially important to make your voice heard.

Read through the information below to learn about your options for registering and voting. Once you’ve made your plan to vote, get the details on this year’s Democratic candidates and how you can support their campaigns.

Register Today!

Are you registered to vote? If not, online registration is the fastest and easiest way to register to vote. The deadline for registration is October 18, so go to the Illinois Board of Elections registration page today and make it official. All you need is your Illinois driver’s license or state ID. (You can use the same link to check your registration status, if you’re not sure whether you’ve already done it.)

You can also register by mail or in person through the Kane County Clerk’s office. The last day to register in person is October 6.

3 Ways to Vote

You have three options for voting: vote by mail, vote in person at an early voting location, or vote in person at your normal polling location on election day.

However you plan to vote, make a voting plan in advance. Think about when and where you’ll do it, and about any arrangements you’ll need to make to get it done.

1. Vote by Mail

Voting by mail is an excellent option, especially if you’re trying to limit your time in public places. There are two steps in the process:

  • Submit a vote-by-mail application. This is how you notify election authorities that you want to vote by mail rather than in person this year.

    In 2020, vote-by-mail applications are being sent to every voter who voted in the 2018 general election or afterward. You can also submit an application online or get a paper application from the Kane County Clerk. Applications must be received by October 29, but earlier is better!
  • Submit your ballot. On September 24, Kane County will begin sending ballots to voters who have applied to vote by mail.

    Ballots must be postmarked by November 3, but due to the large volume of mail ballots expected this year—and the Trump administration’s attempts to disrupt postal service—you should mail in your ballot as early as possible. You’ll also have the option to drop your completed ballot in a secure drop box.

The Kane County Clerk website has additional information on the vote-by-mail process.

2. Early Voting

Early in-person voting begins September 24.

  • From September 24 until November 2, early voting is available at the Kane County Clerk’s office in Geneva.
  • From October 19 until November 2, additional early voting locations will be available throughout the county.

For more details, visit the Kane County Clerk’s early voting page.

3. Voting on Election Day

Your voter registration card should have the location of your polling place.  You can look up your polling place online to verify the location and polling times.